Our Process

Our process is built around your needs, and we make it easy for you to turn your dream landscape into a reality!

“Lend me the canvas that is your yard, and I will create for you a living masterpiece.” – Christopher A. Zeek

A Process Designed For Your Happiness

Our process is made to help you achieve a connection with nature, the way you want it. Your opinions, needs, and wants come together with our expertise in landscape architecture and design. The result is an amazing project, every time!

We make it easy for you to turn your dream image of the outdoors into a real space, filled with wonderful details.

5 Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Landscape

Step 1. Phone Consultation

To start, send us some pictures of your space through our online form. Tell us how you want to improve your home landscape. We’ll go over the details on a phone call, and schedule an on-site consultation.

Step 2. On-Site Consultation

At the on-site consultation, we’ll take a tour to discover your landscape. We’ll discuss your desires step-by-step, to get the big picture and a better feel for how we can best help you get your desired result.

Step 3. The Design

Before we begin any on-site work, we’ll design your new outdoor space, from a simple sketch to a beautiful 3D preview of the entire project. We’ll work on the design with you every step of the way, until you’re happy with how everything looks.

Step 4. The Build

Now we can apply our skillset and start building your landscape. We put our knowledge to work with great passion and attention to detail. You’ll see things unfold in real time, and your oasis will bloom in no time at all!

Step 5. The Result

We want to be sure that everything is exactly as you envision. The last step is a walkthrough where we go through everything together, leaving no stone unturned. When we’re done with this, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your new outdoor landscape together with your loved ones!

Our Portfolio

Here’s What Homeowners Like You Say…

A decade of dedicated business, powered by a lifetime of landscaping passion.


Zeek Landscape and Design should be called ” Zeek Landscape artistry!”

I would say if you want Something that you will enjoy for generations to come, then look no further.

Jason Dragon


They came out right away to discuss the work and view the location.

The work was done the following week and I couldn’t be happier.

Candace Riker


Chris and team were very professional and did a great job grading our back yard after our in ground pool was put in.

Lynda Robinson-Tiberi

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